The Ultimate College Girl's Guide to Slaying her Personal Brand
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Try it out, it’s FREE and last only 5 days

Completely lost? Wondering what a personal brand actually encompasses? Try out my awesome email course ($FREE.99) – over the next 5 days I’ll help you get in the right mind-set and begin to identify the basics of your personal brand. You’ll receive a humorous, GIF filled, and informative lesson in your inbox at 10:15AM for length of the course. Be prepared to work!

Yup, I’m calling YOU out!

That’s right I am calling you out. Sorry not sorry. Let’s keep it real, how established is your personal brand right now? Yes girl, right nizow. Have no clue? That’s okay, I’ll let it slide. Download this personal branding checklist by clicking the image above, go through and rate your personal brand. If you score less than 10, that’s alright I got you, just try out one of my courses. 

Heeeeey, girl boss 😉

Want to learn how to identify, implement, and continuously elevate your personal brand so that it can start working for you? Then try out my FULL intensive course where we go in-depth on brand building. Tech tutorials (hello Photoshop!), branded cover letters + resumes, and I’ll even help you get your own site up and running.  And that’s just to start. Not convinced yet? Keep scrolling down to read more, I promise I don’t disappoint!


Hey girl hey. You’re either here because you read my lifestyle blog Micah Nicole, formerly known as She Is Valiant, you stumbled upon my social media and fell in love (I love you too), know my story,  or are a friend of a friend. Regardless of the reason, you are here because of the personal brand I’ve created for myself. You want to know how to identify, implement, and infuse your own talents, passions, goals, and personality into something you can make marketable. You want to start living your dream lifestyle and make your brand work for you! That’s where I come in, I have been lucky enough to learn from the some of the best, have amazing mentors – one who is on her way to becoming a self-made millionaire, and I’ve gone through the frustrating cycle of trial and error that comes with being self-taught. I have been able to accomplish some pretty amazing things  since I started investing in my personal brand a little under two years ago. I am here to show you the ropes, save you the frustration, and get your brand from “okay” to slaaaaay.

With this personal branding course I was able to learn my purpose and passion in life and landed my dream internship! Sign up for this and learn to SLAY your personal brand, I promise it will change your life!

After taking this course, I really had a new outlook on my life and how important personal branding really is. I literally had no IDEA, but after learning everything I am super excited to start implementing my brand. I highly recommend this course. Oh, and by the way I got my professional head shots like you suggested and I love the way the came out!

This course was very short and to the point, with Micah’s encouragement and tips I was able to easily define my brand by narrowing down my passions and finding the REAL reason I want to slay my brand. My biggest take away is that branding is important and knowing how to brand yourself is even more important. I feel like I have a great starting point from this course. I’m really looking forward to taking everything I wrote and learned from this course and implementing it in my brand for the rest of the year. Since I follow you on Twitter, I feel like I kind of watched it all happen for you and that is really awesome. Also, in the final course where you provide numbers was a great way to show your credibility and that you know what you’re doing.

“Moved” would be the world to describe my feelings after completing the five day course.  I was “moved” to completely revamp my blog & social media accounts … & to not only invest in my craft but into myself. I was moved to not only figure out terms to define myself but what others thought of me(and everything wasn’t nice).  I was moved to begin a new year figuring out who I am so that I can market myself to the world.  I was moved when I figured out that another young  African American woman is out here doing her thangggggg and has no problem helping others! This 5 day course is a MUST regardless if someone owns a blog, business, etc. It’s a “moving” course that you can’t go wrong with

  • started 3 business that bring in $$$
  • within my design business, I profited $17,000 after being open for only 9 months
  • built and branded a blog that reaches 2,250+ views a month w/ visitors from the US, Canada, the UK, and Africa
  • got accepted into one of the most rigorous entrepreneurship programs in the country (I still can’t even believe it)
  • bought my own car in FULL & in CASH
  • bought my own apartment and paid for all of the furniture
  • attended conferences across the country
  • hired a business + brand coach
  • flew and met my mentor, the lady who started it all – in person after a year of learning from her online – who is on her way to becoming a self-made MILLIONAIRE.
  • had internship offers AND mentors thrown at me….without me having to beg for them
  • worked with women I’ve admired…yes, I collaborated with my girl crushes within my industry (Maya Elious – check her out, y’all!)
  • made the right connections to help me move forward in my desired field/industry
  • been able to purchase other high level courses to help me learn and grow
  • purchased FLOOR SEATS TO BEYONCÉ – so close I could feel her breathing

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Sending an impressive af cover letter and resume that got you the interview and landed you your dream internship or job.

Being a witness to your lifestyle gradually changing into how you dreamed it right in front of your eyes at age 19, 20, 21 NOT 26,27,28…

Waking up to a PayPal notification from your side hustle where you were able to combine your passions and talents. 

Receiving tweets, comments, and emails from your blog readers who are showing you love and praise on how you’re making a huge impact in their lives.

I have to admit I’ve tried quite a few (failed) times at starting a blog. This course definitely encouraged me to dig deeper into the foundations of starting my blog/brand! The first 5 lessons were bomb & I can’t wait to see what the rest of the course has to offer!

Can I just say wow!? I loved Micah just from her blog posts and always admired her ambition but to see all that she’s accomplished after she started paying attention to her brand in the final email…it made me want to change my life right then and there! From taking the free email course, I learned a lot and the full course is even better. Ladies, get this now.

The course was easy to follow and not only easy to follow but fun and I couldn’t wait until I received the next email after completing each assignment. I can tell you knew what you were talking about you were so clear, open, and raw. It also, felt personal which helped a lot. This course was amazing and literally has got me pumped up and started on my personal brand. The assignments helped me learn more about myself, my characteristics, and my strengths. I now have a jaw dropping elevator pitch and I’m ready to take on my success with my personal brand. I was sad on the fifth day of the course because it was over! I can’t wait until the full course is available. Thanks Micah!

>>> start your own blog or personal website but have no clue how?

>>> impress and connect with important + key people within your desired industry?

>>> land your dream internship or job?

>>> be seen as the “go-to” girl in your in topic?

>>> stop getting jealous by other girl’s Instagrams, because they’re living their dream life?

>>> infuse your talents and passions so that you can become marketable?

>>> finally tackle a tech software like Photoshop?

>>> identify the key components of your personal brand?

>>> begin your side hustle?

>>> but most importantly stand out by a land slide among your competitors?

#SlayYourBrandIdentity is a 3 part course crafted specifically for the ambitious and ass shaking college girl boss who’s not limited to just that title. She wants to combine and package her personality, talents and passions in a way to make herself marketable.


Through this course, I’ll show you how to identify, implement, and continuously elevate your personal brand so that it can start working for you!



Together, we’ll discover things like: your natural aesthetic, how your peers see you, what your sweet spot is, and more.

During this module, you will discover your:

brand’s  key words, tone and voice, colors, perception, strengths/weaknesses, personality assessments, learn and practice visualization techniques, mood board + style guide planning and preparation via Pinterest, craft your elevator pitch and personal branding statement and more.

During this module, you will create and figure out how to:

create your mood board and brand styling guide in Photoshop, design a simple logo for your brand, learn how to brand your social media, set up a strong + slay worthy LinkedIn profile, create a cover letter, resume, and business card that’s on brand (hello custom templates!), craft  the perfect cover letter with our killer formula that’ll help you snag your dream internship or job, learn how to purchase your own domain and hosting and finally get your blog or personal website up and running with step-by-step tutorials!

take a sneak peak at the personal website you’ll be creating during the course, xoxo!

During this module, you will be left with:

a list and tips on ways to help you keep your personal brand poppin’. We’ll cover things like: the best places for business cards for the low low, how to appropriately stalk your future internship companies without being creepy, a personalized look book for the millennial #girlboss, how to add a price tag to your talents + passions so you can start making coin!

I really enjoyed this course by Micah, I felt as though she used her own experiences to help girls just like her which makes it more relatable. My biggest take way from the course was that you can use the key things around you to discover what your personal brand is.

Micah does a GREAT job at describing the importance of branding and how it has completely changed her lifestyle and the benefits that come from it. If you’re a beginner blogger like myself, this is definitely a great first investment and will teach you a lot.

I came across your blog, and shortly after was following you on every other platform. Your personality seems so parallel to mine, and the same applies for your style. I love looking at everything you post! I’m gushing because I fell even more in love with your brand after taking your personal branding course. I was very excited to receive an email daily, as they truly did help me. I finished just a few days ago, and since, I have completely revamped my blog. Your course not only helped me, but it inspired me as well.