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#SlayYourBrandIdentity 5 Day Email Course

I’ve created something amazing because I love y’all. It’s a FREE 5 day email course all on personal branding called Slay Your Brand Identity where I open the door and get you into the right mindset to really start investing in your brand. Over the span of 5 days, (starting whenever you sign up) you’ll receive lessons and assignments every morning at 10:15AM to get you thinking and to help you start identifying your brand.


After completing my FREE 5 Day Email Course you’ll:


>>> have an understanding on what personal branding is and why it’s important


>>> establish and choose your brand’s top key words


>>> find out how the world perceives you and see if it matches your perception


>>> figure out your sweet spot and how you can use it in your personal brand


>>> develop a unique elevator pitch so you can wow the hell out of whoever you connect with


>>> birth your brands colors so you can start adding them to your social media channels


>>> get an inside look on how my life has turned upside down (for the better) after I started investing and identifying my personal brand

#SlayYourBrandIdentity Full Intensive Course

Personal branding matters. I cannot stress this enough. It’s always been a thing, but nowadays it’s even more crucial than before with the new wave of technology, social media, and just web based content altogether. NOW is the time to lay your personal brand’s foundation so that it can start working for you.


In this course I show you how to:


Identify –  your brand’s key words, tone and voice, colors, perception, strengths/weaknesses, personality assessments, learn and practice visualization techniques, mood board + style guide planning and preparation via Pinterest, craft your elevator pitch and personal branding statement and more.


Implement – create your mood board and brand styling guide in Photoshop, design a simple logo for your brand, learn how to brand your social media, set up a strong + slay worthy LinkedIn profile, create a cover letter, resume, and business card that’s on brand (hello custom templates!), craft the perfect cover letter with our killer formula that’ll help snag your dream internship or job, learn how to purchase your own domain and hosting and finally get your blog or personal website up with step-by-step tutorials!


Elevate – a list and tips on ways to help you keep your personal brand poppin’. We’ll cover things like: the best places for business cards for the low low, how to appropriately stalk your future internship companies without being creepy, a personalized look book for the millennial #girlboss, how to add a price tag to your talents + passions so you can start making coin!